Following the overwhelming success of our very first collaboration, we are excited to bring you the latest batch of limited items from Littlest Setter x Divine x Baz


This collaboration started from the idea of producing clothes that I wanted Baz to wear, but were impossible to find locally. We started making clothes for baby boys along with some that were gender neutral. For our new collection, we considered your suggestion and have expanded to cater to baby girls as well.

This collection is called Baz and Friends. Each piece is named after each of Baz’s best friend.

Emilia, Santi, Theo and Martine are kids of my best friend Wyanet. Jaime and Kiel are kids of my other bestie Florence. You might find Wyanet and Florence’s names familiar as I have mentioned them a couple of times in my personal blog.

Also featured in this collection are pieces called Stella, Seth and Sully, named after the kids of Alta, another good friend of mine.

Naming the pieces after is their kids is my tribute to our good and solid friendships which go far back (I don't want to count the years... makes me feel old .. haha!) We all hope that our kids grow up to be as close to each others as we are. 

Every collaboration that we create is very close to my heart, it springs from all the dreams that I have for Baz. This one signifies my dream for Baz to have lasting friendships, similar to what I have with my friends.  Friends who know you inside and out. Friends to share the best and the not so best moments in life. Friends that have become family.