Why is it so hard to find decent socks?

As we all know, from birth... babies are already wearing socks. It helps them regulate their temperature so its a big question to me why it's so hard to find nice socks for babies? Para akong nag hahanap ng Yamashita treasure! All I've seen are those white ones or those with cartoons or some kiddie print...


Socks are actually what I love giving during baby showers. Even more than clothes. Clothes kasi they can outgrow quickly but socks the babies can wear for a long time and especially when they are smaller, you can use it to regulate their temperature. Or pwede din kung parang paang luya like my son, sana makatulong sa shape. Haha!

That was his first doctor's visit. Wala syang choice coz need ko pasuot yung suit nya. Maliit na ..hahaha! Kamusta daw yung  pilikmata ko. Hahaha!

So when we were thinking of what to include with our first collab, I wanted to make sure may decent socks. The colors are nice for matching and contrasting and walang cartoons. haha! Bagets lang need talaga may cartoons???

Bazzy as Psy. Charot haha! OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!

Socks can be worn for a minimum of 6 months and daily! This is one thing I would collect and its not that expensive to complete the colors. I would usually put leggings or onesies paired with contrasting colored socks... hindi na sya mukhang pambahay.. haha!

It also makes the outfit complete..unless is John Lloyd ka at ayaw mo mag medyas. Char! hahaha! 

Romper lang! Pero with contrasting socks akala mo may lakad. haha! 

If you feel parang lagi nalang nakapambahay si bagets, add cute socks! Ig worthy na yung outfitey!

Check out what we have refilled for you!





I super love these as gifts kasi lagi ko sisight na IG of the mom's that the kids are using it. Start your collection now!


Much love,

D and Bazzy

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