My first blog post!!! What is this site?

Well, How did I come about this site anyways?


Well, first is my love for shopping and second is because of you guys! Haha! In my IG @divinemlee the most common question I get is "where did you buy (insert item)?" and these are all baby and parents stuff. This whole new journey is like discovering new things and sometimes, even when I already tagged the supplier or merchant, it seems like you guys still ask me.. How much, Is it effective, etc. Ang galing ko kasi! (Oh, didn't you miss my sarcastic self depreciating humor? Haha!). Those are for the items that Baz uses. But also there are items that I can't seem to find anywhere even if I have a doctorate's degree in online shopping. That's why I decided to do collaborations with brands, mainly for Baz and also for you.

Our clothing collab with Littlest Setter (don't worry if you missed this....)


So what you will see here is a mixture of things I shopped (hoarded seems like a better word and trust me I'm so good with sales, rebates and coupons that if the Philippines had a coupon system I would break that ...hahaha!) and special line collaborations that I will be doing with brands. All the items are limited. Shipping from my office stockroom or Baz's nursery. Yup, this is a pet project. It's funny how my other businesses have stand alone offices with branches yet this site I am working on from my dining room table, shipping from my baby's nursery. The site is made with love, no developer, no graphic artist and all during Baz's nap times. Well, I have a little sister who helps me with the graphics (bigyan nyo nalang ako ng excel, hindi ko talaga talent yang pagiging artsy!). This is all me ( and my sister who's still in middle school and utilizing free apps.. haha!), and honestly this is the same exact way I started my blog DIVINEMLEE.COM and with the same euphoric feeling of excitement and passion. Nothing here is not personal. Every little detail is so me. So us.

Magsawa kayo sa mukha ng anak ko kasi gwapong gwapo talaga ako. Haha! Mother's love nga naman! Photo by: @sparkstudioph

Also since I also got a lot of inquiries from @shopdivinemlee about Baz's preloved, will be putting some on sale here too! Watch our space for that!

Aside from being an E-commerce site, I wanted each collaboration to help something or someone. Remember how we became one of the most active responders and relief operations during typhoons thru I want the same thing here, and hopefully when Baz grows up, He would have an instant avenue to help people. May system na, take over nalang nya. I hope :) Aside from the causes, I am so excited to collaborate with different brands - small, big, IG stores, new brands, established brands, Brandon Vera (charot!). I also want this to be an avenue for mompreneurs. I've actually met a lot during my pregnancy and our first collaboration for Baz is actually with a mompreneur (love story namin in a future post. haha!)

Promise. Ang cute nya talaga noh? Bwahaha! Photo by @sparkstudioph

I also want this to be a community. Feel free to comment and I will try my best to answer everyone. I'm still trying to find a way to make a forum page (That's the problem if you don't have a developer... hahaha!). Baka naman may gustong tumulong sakin, nanawagan narin ako. Haha! Mag crop lang nga ng photo na pantay para mag kasya sa box hirap na hirap nako, may ambisyon pa ako maging forum? HUWAW! haha!

Of course, giveaways are always fun. I actually enjoy reading your entries on @baz.go IG for #Bazbas giveaways! Those will continue here! #Bazbas goes online! Nakaka-legit! Matakot na si Willy Revillame! Hindi lang jacket at wilphone ang pamimigay ko! Haha!

Parents got each other, I'm also open to recommendations of what worked for you. Most of the things I actually found were based from nonstop googling or parents approved recommendations. Or sa pag chika sa mga nakakatabi ko sa baby store... haha!


Tignan nyo yung paa ng anak ko. Pantay lahat ng toes. Galing noh? Fair! Walang nakalamang.. hahahaha! FYI, hindi sakin mana yan ha! Unfair yung paa ko! haha! Photo by @sparkstudioph

To be honest, I still wish that the baby came with the manual. You don't know how good I am with those DIY ikea stuff, and if only raising our little one had the same instructional.. But no, it doesn't so.. I hope this becomes your "safe place" and I hope you guys enjoy my yapping about my experiences and unofficial guide to keeping your baby alive ..hahaha!

Dami kong sinabi nakalimutan ko promote yung Holiday collection that's out now. haha! Next post! But yes, check out the shop!

Much love,


PS. Maawa naman kayo sa signature logo ko. Free online. Haha! Pls make me, bigyan ko kayo shoutout. Charot! haha!

PPS. I wanted to sign as a family, with Blake's name sana. But guyyyysss... alam naman nyo how becky I sound right? Baka ma visualize nyo asawa ko yung nag sasalita. 






  • Amberry Heavenly

    Motherhood at its best! I agreeee ang super cute ng mga baby talaga. Stay attractive, Ms. Divine.

  • Nina

    Baz is so blessed to have you and Blake as his parents.

  • Sasa

    From to grabe mother feeling ko i’ve grown with you 😅 And ang pinaka perfect is I’m also a FTM so inaabangan ko your posts! I hope to meet you and Baz someday. Good luck on your new site! 😊

  • Kim Salinas

    Hi cutie Bazzy! Hindi pa naman ako buntis ulit but parang pinaglilihian kita! HAHAHA kisses from ate Lexi :*

  • Grace

    I am a huge fan of baz, npaka adorable nya and so gwapo po , (magtataka pa ngaba ang genes ng magulang) 😊
    Lagi akong abang sa mga ootd posts nya kc ngiging inspiration ko cia sa ootds din ng baby ko.
    Good luck and God Bless po 😊

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