What a ride!


I can clearly remember what a crazy ride this has been! Kaloka, mag two months palang tayo but seems like we've done so much! We launched Dec 13, which is totally funny coz halos sumabay sa 12-12 cyber sale, we did a first dibs thru password and hindi nyo lang alam namomorblema na kami sa gabi kasi our launch was the next day and halos ubos na yung items! Thank God, my collab partner d natulog to produce.. haha! Have to give it it to Lae, she worked hard and long because we didn't expect the number of orders talaga. Thank you!

All photos by Spark studio

Then during christmas we got stuck with the worst courier! Sa gitna ng gulo talaga nila maipit tayo. Maloka meeee.... But thankfully we were able to have LBC takeover our shipments. Again, thank you for your patience from our birthing pains.

so what have we done so far or should i say... ANONG GANAP???

We ushered 2 new shoes suppliers and we have an upcoming collaboration for shoes coming up!

We also have mommy loungewear in the pipeline, a British brand collab, a Spanish inspired lined and a Aussie linen line for summer!

So exciting! Daming ganap, dami din labahan! hahaha! When I started this, it is was from the simple idea that I wanted certain items for Baz that I can't find elsewhere. So I found suppliers, and if wala talaga ako mahanap, we designed collaborations. This is technically a mood board of everything I want for my kid or future kids, carefully curated for you guys to enjoy. Actually, it made shopping abroad a bit more guilt-free now, haha! Before i would cringe at the amount of shipping fee I have to pay for, this site is the best solution for my online shopping fingers... haha!

So again, like my little Baz , as i raise this little boy...same goes for the site. I am really raising little/s. Funny how Baz grows so quickly, learning new things every day (he just learned to point to his head today.. PROUD NA PROUD NAMAN AKO. mga 10987878 times na namin inulit... pagod na sya.. ahah!) , the site is also evolving everyday. I'm so glad to have met some suppliers and collaboration partners (mostly mompreneurs) who aside from being business associates, eh sila narin yung tanungan ko ng mga baby ganap. Paano ba ang teething? What are the best toothpastes and etc. Pati pag bored lang gusto ng kachismisan. Haha!

Two months and we grew so fast! Parang si Baz lang bwahahah! ( 9 months wearing 2 years old clothes!) I hope to meet more suppliers, entrepreneurs, starting brands, big brands, and mompreneurs thru this whole journey. So if you have a great product or idea and think we can collaborate on.. I'M HERE TO LISTEN! Looking forward to more partnerships! I'm actually so excited to work with a lot of people as we all raise this little site! I've been getting emails of great ideas and products! Ang exciting!

So when they ask, ano na naman ba yang raising little ni Divine. Kahit ako d ko pa masagot. Haha now, its a Blog/Vlog, marketplace for curated products and collaborations and a community. But it's ever changing and I hope you can all be with me as we grow this! Parang si bagets lang when they ask me, what Baz will be, can't really answer straight but if there's one thing I'm sure of is I am trying my best to help him be the best version of himself. 

Me as a mother.. technically me.. in life ... hahahaha!


With much thanks and gratefulness...


Much love,

D and Bazzy



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  • Kim Salinas

    First… Hiyang hiya pata ko sa bewang mo Ms.D! Nanganak ka po ba talaga? Hahaha baka nga mas malaki pa ang legs ko eh 😅 I REALLY LOVE YOU PO TALAGA, SO DEDICATED IN ALL YOUR WORKS. MORE POWER!

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