The Theo romper

If you've been following Baz's OOTD since birth (yes, wala syang choice, kahit swaddle nya ginawa kong OOTD..haha!), you probably noticed that he's always in bloomers. I super love that look on babies!

                                        Back when pwede pa sya i-flatlay

But the problem was.. It was super hard to find bloomers here. Bakit kaya eh napakainit satin? Most of the stuff I was seeing were pants, joggers... but hindi nakaka baby yun eh! So usually I would go online and buy abroad. ANG GASTOS HA! hahaha! So when we started the first collab, bloomers and detailed collars were our main idea. 

Look at royal babies.. (ganyan! pag mag peg kayo.. taasan nyo na! haha)

CTO Look naka bloomers d ba? Malamig nga sa kanila eh! Pero Panty Panty!

And did you know that royal babies are not allowed to wear pants until a certain age?

“It’s a very English thing to dress a young boy in shorts,” British etiquette expert William Hanson told Bazaar. “Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of those silent class markers that we have in England. Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class–quite suburban. And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban.”

Oh d ba? Next time, someone tells you pag nakapanty or shorts ka na magpantalon ka naman.. sabihin mo "bawal kasi samin eh.." choz! Haha! But kidding aside, I really like it when babies look their age. I want Baz to look more like a baby than an adult, he has all his life to wear tshirts but hindi na sya makabloomers pag laki nya.. so I want him to have as much cute baby OOTDs as possible! 

Ready na ba kayo? Mukha na naman ng anak ko.. hahaha!

Here's Baz wearing the Theo rompers! 

I love it that this style is so easy to pair, I usually pair it with a detailed collar top, or long sleeves when it's cold (gusto nyo yun? long sleeves pero panty...haha!), and I even top it with a sweater. Lakas maka prince! Dagdagan mo pa ng knee or midhigh socks, crown nalang kulang! haha! Together with Littlest Setter, we made sure to make it in as much basic colors as possible. Coz rather than dressing your baby in a onesies at home, mas put together if you can have them in cute bloomers! This is something you can use daily. And comfy for baby too! We also wanted to make it more affordable.. 

Guys, tignan nyo naman magkano ang bloomers abroad...

May ginto ba sa panty na yan? haha! But that's really the average of those bloomers abroad. That's not even the high end designers ha. These are just the normal brands, D pa yan Gucci or Baby Dior!

We also wanted to make as much colors so you guys can even use it as your baby's daily wear.

We picked autumn colors coz.. wala lang.. eh yun ang gusto namin eh! Char! haha! I guess, it's the palette that lasts and easy to match. We avoided the pinks and the blues because honestly as a mom going shopping, puro blue nalang nakikita ko for Baz. Ilan blue pa ba kailangan nya? haha! And i'm sure same with the moms of girls with pink.

You see, I'm making sure to write about each and every piece so you know how personally this collection is to us.

Gusto nyo yung nagdadalawang isip pa ako mag post another photo of Baz... sobra na ba? hahaha!

Ayan, sideview para hindi overexposed. BWAHAH! Hindi over exposed? eh puro tuldok nalang nga yung IG story ko sa kaka kuha ng video nya. haha! At naka highlights pa talaga!

So there, that's why we included the Theo rompers for this collection.

Click HERE to see our THEO ROMPER.


Much love,

D and Bazzy

PS. Tinigil ko na yung free logo ko. Hahah! D nakaka pro eh!






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  • Abbie

    You’re such a darling, Divine! I super love reading your blog posts kasi natural ka. Hehe… I use Canva app to ‘design’ logos, social media posts, posters, invites, etc. It’s just free—you can download and make one in your smartphone while Baz is napping. I would volunteer to hell you create a signature, pero di ako magaling—nakakahiya. Hahaha! So, if keri mo iDIY using the app, kayang kaya! 😍

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