Stanford shoes

Shoes complete the outfit. As we all know, well, women know this. Girl, minsan nga laplos na yung paa ko, sige lang laban. Umabot nako sa pag emla ng paa para lang patunayan. Haha!

 This pair almost killed my toes! hahaha! Hindi ako maka focus sa event, nanalo pa ako as best dressed of the night pero mas nag worry ako on how the stage looked so long kasi ang sakit na talaga ng paa ko. Pwede ko na nga pa ER eh. Haha!

So same goes for our baby's OOTDs. When I was looking for a nice pair to collab with, I realized that kids grow fast and I wanted a pair that will amplify (taray, amplify talaga) any outfit! I wanted a pair that didn't look to ordinary yet can be paired with everything. And thats when the Stanford shoes came up!


This design is called so many different names but I think the most important is Stanford shoes. It's know to be used for the British elite and for boarding school kids. Yan yung basic nila and I think its the best pair to get for your baby. All the colors we have are also basics so easily paired. 

I wanted moms to have a pair that can go with everything, coz honestly hindi naman kailangan pairs ng shoes ni bagets especially when they're not walking yet (yeah Divine, keep telling that to yourself.. ahhaha!). 


It comes in 3 colors that are easy to match, I love the "milkshake" for days na ayoko mag isip. Haha! Matching sya sa lahat. The "Pumpkin" is good for color contrasting and the "pebble" is a staple and actually the one we use the most. Goes with any color!

Check out some of BazOOTDs to see how we were able to use it with different looks!

Here he is in MILKSHAKE. You can easily pair this with knee socks and kahit collared shorties or onesies pwede na pang labas! 

We went monochrome for this outfit with our own SULLIVAN Pants and JABEZ onesies with same palette mid-length socks and the pebble!

Mukhang manliligaw sya guys! I like using the Pebble with contrasting socks. Even with a plain shirt and jeans.. pasok!

This is a simple shortie paired with Taupe midlength socks and the milkshake! Ang cute d ba?


I really enjoy dressing him up, a bit of a challenge to take his photo now though. Hindi na sya pumapayag naka flat lay! Hahaha!

This collab comes in super limited quantities and 4 sizes so make sure to grab your pair or pairs now! This is the only shoes you would need for baby!

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Much love,

D and Bazzy

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