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I've been blogging for the longest time and I also in a way stopped and "tried" (being the operative word) to resume my blogging numerous times. Naka ilang welcome back na nga ako! Baka singilin nako ng lahat ng nag comment paulit ulit ng "Welcome Back Mother!". For some reason, I felt like it lacked something. I lost something that I was extremely excited and passionate about. For a good run of about 10 years, I have been blogging daily, with no exemptions even when I am on a trip, in my hospital bed for Dengue (gusto nyo yun? namimiligro na buhay ko, updated parin yung blog..haha!) or even during Noche Buena. I had a post daily. I was passionate. I was excited. But eventually that drifted and I kept on getting "writer's block" (even if I'm not a real writer, haha! Feelingera din talaga ako minsan noh?).

I even tried vlogging but d pa time... (kasi hindi ako marunong mag edit.. haha! Kala nyo anong deep deep noh?). But the "blogger" in me still wants to share things with you guys, the same way I was able to do so before. But I am a very passionate person and I didn't want to write a post "just because I need to post something" or in short MEMA (MEMApost, MEMAsulat.. haha!). Sure, we have facebook, IG stories, and our IG feeds but being a journal type of person, I felt that also didn't give me enough space to share what I want. I missed hearing myself speak as I read my old blogposts. HUWAW! Sa daldal kong yan namiss ko pa ha!

Then I got pregnant.


Delivery Day
Me on Delivery Day.


That's when the world is totally a new place. It was the first time that I stepped into a store, namely Mothercare, and completely clueless. And mind you, I usually have an attack guide whenever I shop, Military precision timing with the most logical geographic foot plan. But not this time. In the 500 sqm of Mothercare, I was pretty helpless. Who would have know that there are 1000+ different fabrics for swaddles or that there were different "technologies" for sterilizers? I grew up with my mom just "boiling" my bottles...hahaha! Yung pakulo nga ng nanay ko sosyal, dapat dalawang beses.. klazz na yun dati. Ngayon may heat, may light, may steam, pucha parang powers sa Encantadia! 

Baz first look

Baz's first look (I don't think he was prepared for the camera though...pero ako prepared.. kita nyo naman putok na putok ang lashes ko)

So this is how this came about... The baby didn't come with a manual or a youtube instructional. I wish he did (Don't we all? haha!). So here I am back at writing, and I'll try my best to vlog (Thanks to my Cebu Team! Nono by Dyan and Kokoon Videos)  so I can at least give you an unofficial guide on RAISING LITTLE....

So feel free to ask or whatever sa comments section. Pwede nyo rin ako puriin sa kagandahan ko... choz! (Jokes are half meant daw...) 

Grabe noh? Your world changes once you have a child. I think it changed me for the better, I had some characteristics that I wanted to curb... I was so fearless dati, kung ano ano nga pinapasok ko. But now, I'm a bit more calculated because I know there's someone I'm responsible for. Eh dati sarili ko lang iniisip ko and I'm only answerable to myself. I also try to be healthier, para naman maabutan ko pa apo ko noh, I gave birth late so need ko max extension or mag anak ng maaga si Baz..charot!




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Much love,

D and Bazzy



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