Much ado about Tbar shoes

Every piece that goes in this site is really handpicked and are my personal faves for Baz. As you can see, what's the big fuss about Tbars.

Well, since ambisyosa ako.... Tbars should be your staple in any baby OOTD. Kasi mataas tayo mag peg... LOOK!

Pang Royalty! Haha! I bought Baz's Tbars abroad in all colors even before he was born. I actually wondered why aren't there enough nice Tbars here? I keep seeing sneakers for babies, d pa naman sya mag basketball. haha!

Sabi ng iba why is he wearing shoes, d pa naman naglalakad... Mukha kasing unkept pag walang sapatos. Haha! parang kulang yung outfit! kaya nga pre-walkers yung tawag.. sapatos para sa maglalakad palang. It's actually even a good practice kasi d sya umaangal ngayon mag shoes. 

Some people say it's actually the only "acceptable" shoes for babies. It's also the best pre walker for kids coz it's soft. Yung mga sneakers teh, ang tigas ng soles, Baz had a hard time practicing walking with those. 

Actually for the first few months of his life, puro Tbars lang sya. That's why I really made sure to find the most affordable and best quality for the site.

Look how he grew in Tbars...

Konti pa buhok nya nyan... hahaha!
Wearing our own Tbar in Coal!
Wearing our own Tbar in Apple! Ang cute ng red noh? Parang panlaban... no wonder famous line ni Greta in magkaribal yung "You want war? I’ll give you war. Sabihin mo lang kung saan at kailan. I’ll be there in my red stilettos." May pinaglalaban!


And buti na gender fluid din sya, pwede pa manahin ng baby girl ko (assumera noh? haha! Girl na next!).

Taas talaga ng peg ko in life!

Lastly classic sya, it's been the staple since lapulapu.. char! naka paa sya nun! hahahaha! 

Look at Queen Elizabeth! fresh na fresh!

So ayun, hanap ako ng hanap.. I finally found the perfect pair and decided to bring it here too. The leather is soft, the sole if bendable, and it's light weight. I even squish it in the bag and it keeps it's shape. And for sure pwede manahin. I had Baz road test first, bet naman nya. So we ordered. unfortunately, limited lang again. Kaya we keep running out. Also this will be our last refill. haha! Ang hirap mag ship kasi sa customs natin! 

So mommies and daddies, complete your babies looks! Tbar in all colors!


Pair it with ankle socks or knee socks! Prinsipe Cedie na sabi ni Tom Taus! hahaha!


Much love,

Bazzy and Divy

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