LEEttle GO

So how did I come about this name?

                                                     Bazzy newborn

Well, I always had a play of words with my last name and Blake's last name. Our wedding and engagement hashtag was #FinalLEEshesaidGO and then we had couple posts with #GoLee, family posts (with Baz) as FamiLEEGOals and while we didn't know Baz's name yet we called him #LEEttleGO... Or pinapahaba ko lang talaga yung last name, susko 3 letters nalang yung LEE binawasan pa ng isang letter to GO when I got married! Haha!

wedding hashtag

And funny enough.. maybe its a little bit of destiny or maybe just pure coincidence but I was using #DGoesTo for my travel posts, even before dating Blake. Maybe its the hashtag world telling me that GO will eventually be my last name. Or maybe its all my creative imagination. Haha! Or wala lang talaga akong masabi pero gusto ko ma post yung top hit na bikini photo ko. Bwahahaha! See below guys! haha!



So I knew I wanted to make a site that can be a community, a marketplace and our blog and who knows maybe even our channel (when I finally learn how to edit videos...) I wanted something connected to raising a child, so I started with Raising B. But B could stand for anything and I'm not leaving things to chance...haha! Pwedeng Raising Bubuyog, Raising Baka, Raising Bulldog.. masyadong maraming options.. wag na! Creative pa naman mga tao sa internet ngayon. Haha! So I decided on Raising Baz.. but what about my other kids? I gotta protect them from favoritism! Raising GO? Para naman racing. so ayun, dahil henya ako... Raising LEEttle GO! But that's too long for a website and prone to spelling mistakes (which I am often guilty off.. basta gets nyo, ok na yun. Susko nag masters pa man din ako tapos ganyan motto ko in writing). And it'll be hard to verbally say it to someone then spell after. That's such a hassle. Ayaw natin ng hassle, lamoyan. Haha! 

raising little

Finally, I decided on RAISING LITTLE for the main site and Raising LEEttle GO(s) for the blog. It stuck. Because no matter how big he gets (and he's growing fast..haha! Wearing 12 and 18 months clothes at 6 months old...bukas highschool na sya. choz!), he will always be my little boy. And i know that parents feel the same way. I KNOW SO. I still see 20 year old kids sitting on their Lolo's laps and I guess no matter how "adult" I become I am still and will always be my daddy's little. I have this cheesy memory of my dad on our flight to Las Vegas once, I feel asleep on the plane and maybe he thought I was really sleeping (the turbulence was bad.. so I was merely half asleep), and I felt him fix my blanket and stroke my hair. He also turned off my reading light and gave me a kiss on the forehead (He would have been a good FA minus the kiss...haha!). Guys... I was already in my late 20s then... But I was tucked in like he would tuck me in at night before.

delfin and delfin

Delfin and Delfin

So there, I guess I totally get him now that I have my own little one (which I'm sure Dad prayed so hard for. Haha! He was close to thinking I'll never get married...). Sinulit ko lang yung single life ko, hindi naman unli, dad! Relate parents? I'm sure.

So welcome to my new baby... RAISING LITTLE. It will grow with me, Baz, Blake and the other #LEEttleGOs. 


PS. Ayaw nyo ba ng shoutout? Eto parin logo ko... hahahahah! Free from the net. Coz you know naman, when its free, I'm free! charot!


  • Mikka Butcher

    Haha this is the best blog any mommy could ask for. Bakit ngayon lang ako naligaw dito. Haha! You are so witty Ms. D! Ngayon di na ko mag online shopping lang basta basta may blog narin to read and pampaganda ng araw pag badtrip sa asawa. Charot!

  • Karennina

    Nakakatuwa ka talaga Miss D.Amazing! Ngayon, gusto ko na basahin ang blogs mo.Ayeeee :)

  • Kayeelicious

    Yay! May bagong blog! Namiss ko ang mga blog mo na parang nag kwekwentuhan lang sa may sala! Nakakahawa nag good energy mo tlaga! 😍

  • Kim Salinas

    Gusto ko po ng shout-out pero di po ako marunong gumawa! Hahaha
    You’re so genius talaga…. Plus beautiful inside and out! Sana ako din pero sa inside lang po eh :D

  • Kim Salinas

    Gusto ko po ng shout-out pero di po ako marunong gumawa! Hahaha
    You’re so genius talaga…. Plus beautiful inside and out! Sana ako din pero sa inside lang po eh :D

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