Baby Milestones

Baz's 8th month!


We will be doing a monthly milestones for child development, wala lang bakit ba.. gusto ko inform kayo. Hahahaha! Although please remember that every child is different.

Anyways, here are the apps that I currently use and discussed in the video.

Baby food preparation

I got Annabel Karmel books from my Mom in law (she has the best collection of books, laking tipid ko hahahaha... she was already collecting baby books way before Baz was born so puro hiram nalang ako from Baby food prep to first aid to baby training etc). Ang bongga may app pala si Ate Annabel! you can also download it, but the books are actually more detailed pero keri parin yung app. My yayas also refer to ut for Baz's food. - This is her website too!

Baby Mental Development

I use wonder weeks to understand Baz more. Bongga sya coz sometimes I really don't understand his mood kasi d naman sya chumichika pa or nagtetext or nagpaparinig sa status ng FB or nag popost ng quote sa IG (uyyy, may mga guilty dyan. nakarelate! haha) so sometimes guessing game talaga why he's acting a certain way. So kids have mental development stages that make them act differently, syempre everything is new to them. One minute, he suddenly recognizes people, so humahabol na sya at nangingilala. So every stage is explained here. Minsan kasi kahit anong calm ni Baz may mood sya na akal ko sinasapian or parang may mens sya. Choz!

This will allow you to understand the stage of your baby's development and why they are acting a certain way. I suggest you also download the chapters in the app (may bayad lang) because it will further expound on what games you should play with him and tips on how to help him with his development. You can also buy the book, same lang naman sya sa inapp digital book.


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Much love,

D and Bazzy

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