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What a ride!

  I can clearly remember what a crazy ride this has been! Kaloka, mag two months palang tayo but seems like we've done so much! We launched Dec 13, which is totally funny coz halos sumabay sa 12-12 cyber sale, we did a first dibs thru password and hindi nyo lang alam namomorblema na kami sa gabi kasi our launch was the next day and halos ubos na yung items! Thank God, my collab partner d natulog to produce.. haha! Have to give it it to Lae, she worked hard and long because we didn't expect the number of orders talaga. Thank you! All photos by Spark studio Then during christmas we got stuck with the worst courier! Sa gitna...

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Baby Milestones

Baz's 8th month!   We will be doing a monthly milestones for child development, wala lang bakit ba.. gusto ko inform kayo. Hahahaha! Although please remember that every child is different. Anyways, here are the apps that I currently use and discussed in the video. Baby food preparation I got Annabel Karmel books from my Mom in law (she has the best collection of books, laking tipid ko hahahaha... she was already collecting baby books way before Baz was born so puro hiram nalang ako from Baby food prep to first aid to baby training etc). Ang bongga may app pala si Ate Annabel! you can also download it, but the books are actually more detailed pero keri parin yung...

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